Fitting Hobby Quick Change Tool Set to PD230/E

manufactured by phase II   (

The Proxxon PD230/E has a top slide with an integral tool holder and as such requires shims to raise the tool, which is 8mm as standard, quite a few for a 6mm tool. However if the tool, such as a parting tool is too high then some modification of the tool is required.  The top slide is only really essential for taper cutting, so I searched for a new tool post which would provide tool height adjustment.

The search of the UK sites found nothing useful, except for a possible adaptation of an EMCO quick change tool post, where all the parts are priced separately.  Searching worldwide produced a really comprehensive product which showed it would fit a PD230/E and was at a very reasonable price even taking into account the shipping and customs costs.

The web shop of the Little Machine Shop ( has the Quick Change Tool Post Set, Phase II Hobby as follows:- QCT post, two turning tool holders, one boring bar holder and a cut-off blade holder (1/2 inch).

I paid for the recommended shipper (UPS Worldwide) and the goods were delivered in a couple of days, not bad considering it had to cross the pond.  I had asked for some details for fitting the tool post to my lathe, it transpired that there were none, so I was on my own!  After a few sketches I decided to keep it as simple as possible.

The top slide is bolted on via a M6 bolt into a flat nut in a T slot, the Hobby QCTP has the choice of M10 or M8 bolt. I elected for using the M8 bolt into a square block which would bolt onto the cross slide using two M6 bolts and two nuts in the T slot.

Here follows some shots of the tool post and mounting block in place on the cross slide.

So far only the indexable cutting tool has been used, I will add to this page when I have tried the boring bar and the cut-off  tool holder.